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Trade / Purchase Info

We accept all kinds of trades including motorcycles!

A lot of our customers buying a new car have a car they would like to trade in. People buying cars are more than likely to have a trade-in. Below, you will find some of the things we look at when appraising your trade.

Current Market Value

We are constantly changing our prices in order to keep in the current market. Something very important to us when we are appraising your trade-in is that we give you the best price possible. This means your trade-in could be worth more or less week to week. Normally prices don't change dramatically in a week, but it does happen. We make sure you get your vehicle appraised the day you are ready and looking to make a purchase.


Our appraisers have over 20 years of experience in the car industry and can spot paintwork when they check the panels of your car. They check to make sure it was never in an accident or repainted. They can tell the difference between covering up a scratch and covering up an accident and this can all reflect the value of the trade in!

Exterior Flaws

We try to fix any damage ourselves, so you don't have to worry about fixing anything before you bring it in for trade. If there is a dent or scratch that needs to be repaired before we resell it and that will affect the price of your trade-in. Our appraisers know what it costs for us to repair any sort of damages we come across. Most of the time it's best to bring it in instead of trying to fix it yourself; most jobs need to be done by a professional and this can all reflect on the price!

Interior Condition

Our appraisers look at the seats, headliners, dash & doors. We view the condition and that all can affect the cost of the trade-in. Another important issue is the smell. Sometimes cigarette smoke can be very hard to get out of a vehicle!

Tires and Mechanics

Our appraisers inspect the tires and tread on all the cars to make sure it is fit to sell and if the vehicle needs new tires, that also affects the value of the trade. They will look over the engine, transmission, and possibly take the car on a test drive to make sure everything works properly!

Things to bring with you for a vehicle purchase!

We want to ensure that your next vehicle purchase is smooth as possible. If you bring the following, the process will be that much easier for us to get you driving away in your new car!

A valid driver's license

Must be issued from the state that you are registering the car. The only exception is people in the military, their license can be issued by any state.

A current insurance card

The card must have the name of the person who is buying the car and whose name is going to be on the title. It does not have to be for your new vehicle, it can be for a current vehicle.

A current registration card

This applies if you are trading in your car and still have a lien against your car or if you are going to transfer your current license plate to your new car.

The title to the car you are trading

This only applies if you are trading a vehicle that does not have a bank lien. Some states (Maryland, for example) have two parts to their title, make sure you bring both parts of the title.

Make sure you bring all signers that need to sign paperwork

This includes anyone on the trade title or anyone signing the bank loan paperwork, which includes Co-signors and Co-owners. Also anyone going on the title of the car you are purchasing needs to be present.

Bring your check book

This applies to anyone making a down payment on a vehicle. Anyone from outside the state of Pennsylvania must bring certified bank funds. We DO NOT accept out of state personal checks. Bringing a check book is also a good idea even if you have your own financing in case you want to purchase one of our extended service contracts.

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